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Mondrian’s Breakfast Table

Medium: Mixed media, acrylic on paper

Size:9 ½ “ wide x 13”

Date: 1966.


It was a painting for a cover of a breakfast-style cookbook menus … In it you can see all kinds of different things you can have for breakfast. It was done in a very Mondrian way, if you look at it very carefully you see lines running through it. There are horizontal lines, and vertical lines, and all the shapes are coming together in rectangles. That gives you the composition of the whole painting. I did it in “mixed media”. What does this mean? Many things inside it: a piece of cheese-cloth, from just straight acrylic to something else. The intellectuals will understand this, the farmers I don’t know, and I don’t care. I used a little touch of cheese-cloth as part of the table cloth …


I was working on various book covers at that time. I did the entire Zane Gray and S.S. Van Dine collection. That’s how you make a living. You do not make money making it one at a time. I was teaching University, doing book covers, posters, advertising campaigns. I was doing many things.


I did this book cover for Simon Shuster, I think. Or maybe for Prentice Hall?! I do not remember the client’s name, because I hated the people so much. They did not do a color proof and the color came extremely red that killed almost everything.